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The History of Newsome Park

Newsome Park, situated in Newport News, Virginia, holds historical significance as affordable, segregated housing established during the Great Depression for African Americans. Amidst a segregated city, the neighborhood thrived as a refuge for black migrants, notably during World War II, attracting diverse residents, including NASA employees and shipyard workers. Despite segregation’s challenges, residents formed a tight-knit community marked by solidarity.

Beyond residential importance, Newsome Park symbolizes economic and cultural self-sufficiency. Faced with legal segregation, the community created its own institutions, including a community center, sports facilities, and a shopping center with essential services.

Named after J. Thomas Newsome, a pioneering black attorney and civic leader, the community reflects resilience and unity. Newsome Park Strategies, our company, draws inspiration from this legacy. Committed to addressing Minority and Rural Health disparities, we aim to bring impactful solutions to community health, honoring the strength that emerges when a community unites to overcome challenges.

ABout Us

Who We Are

Newsome Park Strategies, in collaboration with esteemed client and tech partner PULSE4PULSE, proudly introduces a cutting-edge screening tool poised to revolutionize modern medicine. Committed to advancing health, we aim to establish this innovative technology as the gold standard for monitoring heart, cardiovascular, and autonomic nervous system health—a comprehensive report card for your heart.

This groundbreaking screening tool, offering more information on baseline heart health than ever available before without specialist referral, places a powerful tool in the hands of our Primary Care front-line providers. Covering over 50,000 miles of vasculature and providing over 150 data points, it paints an easy-to-discuss picture of patients’ baseline heart health, fostering awareness, dialogue, and an elevated standard of care.

Not only does it enable early detection of heart-related diseases and identify predispositions in asymptomatic patients, but it also presents the most effective preventive measure in modern medicine. This innovative solution addresses health disparities, particularly in minority and rural communities, with the potential to save lives and enhance outcomes globally.

Endorsed by prestigious health systems, this screening tool has the power to create a seismic shift in Primary Care and Heart Health. It represents a substantial leap forward in preventative heart health, making a difference globally. When this product becomes more widely available, lives are saved, and health outcomes are elevated—it’s not just a product; it’s a game-changing solution!