Meet TrueClr - Introducing the first external catheter system which actively empties the bladder for men, women and pediatrics

As of April 2023 TrueClr is now Medicare Reimbursable 〰️

Newsome Park Strategies is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ur24 Technology, a manufacturer of the revolutionary TrueClr active external catheter system. A recent study conducted by Ur24 Technology, in collaboration with a diverse group of 41 patients aged 20 to 82, has yielded promising results for the TrueClr catheter system.

The study, a Prospective Blinded Evaluation, assessed the catheter system’s effectiveness in removing urine from the bladder without causing tissue injury, focusing on patient satisfaction metrics. The participants, comprising 21 males and 20 females, utilized the TrueClr catheter system in both inpatient and outpatient settings over a one- to two-week period. The evaluation encompassed various aspects, including urinary collection, skin condition, comfort, duration of use, and ease of use.

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An Alternative to the Indwelling Foley Catheter in Male and Female Patients



Evaluate the TrueClr External Catheter as an
alternative to the indwelling catheter in male and
female patients


TrueClr External Catheter was piloted in male and,
female patients as an alternative to the indwelling

Patient Population:

41 patients (21 male/20 female) who were between
the ages of 20-82 years old.


Contraindicated/not recommended for patients with:

Complete blockage of urethra (bph 3 or 4), completely
severed spine, altered mental status, pre-existing skin
breakdown on perineum, or bowel incontinence (unless a
fecal collection device is used)


Cost-Benefit Analysis


Data Collection and Analysis


3 Foley Catheters Avoided in 1 Month

What nursing staff and patients had to say...


3 Foley catheters avoided


Total potential cost savings in 1 month $ 41,368.47


Accurate urine collection. increased patient quality of life
and increased patient satisfaction and TrueClr is able
to be accomplish this without increased risk for CAUTIs


It is noninvasive, non-adhesive, latex free, eliminates skin irritation, has a leakproof design, portable and reusable.

Yes. You can reuse the same catheter for the same individual for 30 days in home use and 15 days hospital use.

After each use, gently wash with antibacterial spray or soap and place in an area away from sunlight to dry.

Most patients report that they can barely feel the catheter when it is on

No skin irritation will occur. If a rash does occur, please contact your physician.

It eliminates the risk of contracting infections or CAUTIs (catheter associated urinary tract infections).

Yes, the catheter and its aspirator pump are portable.

Yes, we have a Pediatric Male model (TrueClr IM) and Female model (TrueClr IF) for children 10kg and higher.

Yes, our catheter can be used at home or in a hospital setting.

Dispose of all components as infectious waste.

The Ur24T TrueClr external catheter can be brought onto a plane. The aspirators have a travel-friendly design that meets RTCA/ Do-160 Aircraft Standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. It will not interfere with a plane’s navigation systems.

The Ur24T TrueClr external catheter can be used for urinary retention and incontinence.

The noise is lower than a human voice and is only 55 decibels.

“When it comes to sound, 55 dB is generally considered to be a moderate volume. It’s not too loud and it’s not too quiet. 55 dB is the equivalent of a normal conversation or the sound of a dishwasher running or most home oxygen concentrators.”

The cord length differs for each aspirator, but they are a minimum of 6ft.

Yes. The battery holds up to a 17-hours of charge on the Vacu-Aide Quiet Suction Unit.

Please refer to the manual for your specific aspirator.

No. If they have internal stitches, it is not strong enough to open it up.

The standard canister holds up to 1200cc, a larger canister can be used if needed.

The canister should be washed with water and soap. Then, soak for 60 minutes in a vinegar and water solution. Solution is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts waters. Please refer to the aspirator manual for specific instructions.

The TrueClr can be self-applied or applied with the help of a nurse/caregiver.

The Vacu-Aide QSU weighs approximately 7lbs, while the Gomco 405 aspirator weighs 14.5lbs.

Yes. Both the catheters and the Ur24T aspirators are Medicare Part B DME reimbursable.

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