Dr Hall

Dr. Chevelle Hall, PhD

Senior Community Education Advisor

Dr. Chevelle Hall joins Newsome Park Strategies as the Senior Community Educational Advisor, bringing a wealth of experience and a proven track record of excellence in educational justice and leadership. As an esteemed Associate Professor at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, Dr. Hall has demonstrated a relentless commitment to community health education, aligning perfectly with the mission and values of Newsome Park Strategies. Her dedication is further exemplified by her global volunteer efforts, showcasing her eagerness to effectuate positive change beyond her academic and professional realms.

Dr. Hall’s expertise has been recognized through numerous academic and professional accomplishments, earning her prestigious accolades such as the Fulbright Specialist designation, which celebrates her significant global contributions to education. Furthermore, her nomination as a White House Champion of Change highlights her innovative strategies and substantial contributions to community and educational advancements.
With her extensive experience and noteworthy recognitions, Dr. Hall is ideally suited to significantly advance Newsome Park Strategies’ mission, particularly within the realm of community health education. Her strategic acumen in designing and implementing influential community programs is set to amplify the impact and reach of Pulse4Pulse, fostering improved health outcomes across communities. Dr. Hall’s visionary leadership and strategic insight are critical to driving forward Newsome Park Strategies’ objectives, positioning her as a pivotal figure in leading efforts to mitigate health disparities and enhance wellness through informed education and community engagement.