Dr Robinson

Dr. Reginald L. Robinson, MD

Senior Medical Advisor

Senior Medical Advisor-is a board-certified cardiologist at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and the MedStar office in Bowie, Maryland. He holds numerous leadership roles including serving on the board of Medstar Cardiology Associates, as the physician lead for the Irving Street Vascular Lab, and as the facility medical director for the practice. Additionally, he is an active member of the Quality and Interviewing Committees.

Dr. Robinson also plays a significant role in the American Heart Association (AHA). He was the past president of the Greater Washington region board and is currently the board president of the Eastern States Board of the AHA, which oversees 30 local boards stretching from Virginia to Maine, including West Virginia. His medical expertise spans general clinical cardiology, with a focus on heart arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, and other heart-related conditions.

Recently, Dr. Robinson was honored as the American Heart Association’s Physician of the Year. He supports Newsome Park Strategies in promoting the Pulse4Pulse cardiovascular risk assessment screening. He believes that the patient-clinician dialogue initiated by this screening at the primary care level can lead to crucial health conversations, especially with asymptomatic patients. Such interactions have the potential to significantly impact health disparities in underserved communities by addressing conditions that are often undetected at early stages.

Dionne Y. Brown

Vice President of Strategy & External Affairs

Newsome Park Strategies proudly welcomes Dionne Brown as the Vice President of Strategy & External Affairs. With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Dionne brings a wealth of experience in policy analysis, management consulting, and information technology.

Dionne has played pivotal roles in providing strategic guidance and facilitating large-scale organizational change throughout her career. Her leadership journey has been marked by progressively responsible roles, demonstrating her commitment to excellence and innovation. 

A trailblazer in her field, Dionne founded Enlightened Consulting in response to the transformative Affordable Care Act, focusing on the implementation of policy and technological innovations. Her expertise has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the evolving healthcare landscape.

Dionne holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland, a Master of Public Policy from Duke University, and a Master of Divinity from Emory University. Her diverse educational background reflects her interdisciplinary approach to healthcare challenges.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dionne is a certified Project Management Professional, showcasing her commitment to delivering results with efficiency and precision. She is actively engaged in various professional organizations, further contributing to her industry influence and network.

Newsome Park Strategies is honored to have Dionne Brown join the team, bringing not only her leadership skills but also her invaluable perspective gained through years of experience. Her strategic vision and dedication to innovation align seamlessly with the company’s commitment to excellence. The addition of Dionne to the leadership team reinforces Newsome Park Strategies’ position as a forward-thinking and influential player in the healthcare industry.