Community Outreach

In June 2022 Newsome Park Strategies LLC, a Washington based Brand Marketing & Management Group

University of Buffalo Community Health Equity Research Institute. Dr. Timothy F. Murphy, Director/ SUNY Distinguished Professor National Policy Alliance/ World Council of Mayors/ Ultimaxx Health LLC.

Practice-Based Clinical Research Network (PBRN) is a group of ambulatory care clinical practices that investigate empirical research questions to improve the quality of primary care. PBRN’s draw on the experience and insight of practicing clinicians to identify and frame research questions. PBRN’s are ideal for conducting and implementing a wide variety of clinical practice studies, pragmatic clinical trials, and health services research studies. Further, PBRN’s are uniquely positioned for dissemination, implementation, and comparative effectiveness research. By investigating research questions directly linked to the care of patients with rigorous research methods, PBRN’s produce relevant research findings that can be ore easily translated into everyday practice and integrated into health care systems.

DR. james Durham

Introduction to the Dr. James Durham Community Health Initiative

At Newsome Park Strategies, we draw inspiration from the remarkable legacy of Dr. James Durham—a pioneering figure in American healthcare history. Born into slavery in 1762, Dr. Durham’s journey from bondage to becoming the nation’s first African American doctor is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of knowledge. His story serves as the guiding light for our latest endeavor—the Dr. James Durham Community Health Initiative—a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of healthcare equity and community empowerment.

Community Health Research Initiative Activities Overview

I. Goals and Objectives

II. Research Components

III. Implementation Strategies

IV. Evaluation and Monitoring

V. Dissemination and Knowledge Sharing